Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Try free products with BzzAgent

I have been a BzzAgent for about a year now and can honestly say that it is a fun and interesting site to be a part of. It's not a survey site, but rather it is a site where you sign up to become a word of mouth promoter of new products. After you sign up, you must go through a very quick tutorial on how to be a good BzzAgent and then you wait to be asked to join what they call "campaigns". Each campaign is sponsored by a different company looking for people to try out a new product that they are about to release to the public or one that they recently added to the market. Once you accept the campaign (most are free for things like food or cleaning products but some you have to pay a small fee for, such as for trying out more expensive products like gaming systems, but you never HAVE TO pay for anything and saying no to a particular campaign does not hurt your chances of being asked to participate in future campaigns), you are sent a full size sample of the product for yourself and a number of coupons to give out to your friends and family. Oftentimes, you are also given small samples to give out to others in addition to coupons.

After you review the product yourself and share your thoughts of the product with others, you simply fill out a short form reviewing the product and you earn MyPoints for each review you submit. The points add up quickly and in addition to your other MyPoints earnings, you are able to cash in points for free gift cards that much faster. BzzAgent also offers a number of VERY short surveys for you to take on a somewhat regular basis that also qualify you to earn more MyPoints. All around, the site is fun and rewarding. Not only do you get test and keep free products, but you have the opportunity to earn MyPoints as well. If you like getting free stuff in the mail, you'll want to sign up: http://www.bzzagent.com/index.jsp

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