Friday, January 9, 2009

First eHow payment

Although I had no doubt that eHow would in fact pay as promised, I received my first payment yesterday through my Paypal account. For anyone looking for steady residual income, ehow is the place! In almost two months on the site, I have published 15 articles, accumulated 40 some friends who regularly comment on my articles, and my earnings are slowly starting to increase. I know that there are many people making a fair amount of money on the site every month, and hopefully I will be one of them over time. Right now, I'm pleased with the progress I've made.

If you're new to writing articles, eHow is a great place to start. Writing how to articles is quite easy since you can write about almost anything you want to. Picking things you are interested in and have significant knowledge about is not hard. I have also found that submitting articles is extremely easy. And the articles are published immediately. This means that readers can begin viewing your article and potentially making you money as soon as you submit it. Such a great system! I'm highly impressed. If you haven't started yet, do so now!

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