Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thoughts on Demand Studios

I joined Demand Studios in July and am happy to report that I love writing for them. After spending years taking surveys and months attempting to write for myself on sites like eHow and Associated Content, Demand Studios has proven to be the most lucrative way for me to make fast cash.

With Demand Studios, I get to choose from an unending list of article titles with a set price attached to each one. Although I did write some $5 articles when I first started, I realized pretty quickly that it takes just as much time to write the $5 articles as it does to write the $15 articles so I just stick with those now.

My goal is to write at least one article per day (week days only). Unfortunately, this has been quite difficult for me since I have several young children at home and combined with all of my daily housework, it's just too much! But I know that I can always take a break from Demand Studios and come back to it whenever I have time. It really is a wonderful way to make extra income from home by writing articles online. I had no idea how great freelance writing could be until I joined Demand Studios!

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear that someone else enjoys writing for Demand. I have just started and at first I was skeptical because I wasn't sure if I wanted them holding the rights to my article. Now I am sure that it's okay and I am having an excellent time writing for them as well.